Corporate Social Responsibility

Milieu & CSR

Sustainability goals

Every aspect of life, has an impact on the planet and the quality of life. We've carefully constructed internal policies and related goals, in order to minimize our ecologic footprint where possible and to be a meaningful addition to society and our stakeholders.

We have strict norms for all recources we purchase for manufacturing. For example all wood used will have to be certified according to environmentally neutral standards and all product residuals are collected, saved and recycled. Each product or batch of products is manufactured on a single site location in order to minimize CO2 emission by eliminating transport. Job rotation, participation programs and supportive programs outside working hours have been launched in order to become a positive value in our employee's lives.

By eliminating unnecessary transport - by that we mean the distributor and/or wholesales that is present in most vertical chains - a huge amount of CO2 reduction is accomplished. Products are transported and shipped more than 60% less than in regular supply chains. The choice of packing materials and the way products are packed is fully designed by ourselves, meaning that we could optimize the use of space in trucks and containers and make sure that products will only have to be sent out once (by eliminating transport damage). We try to inform our customers about products, product characteristics and product specifications as much as possible on our online stores, therefore minimizing returns and return transport.

Local participation
Whenever possible, we try to make a difference for as far as our influence reaches. Being a leading manufacturer of presentation and school products, we support local schools and educational institutions. We have helped various schools and non-profit organizations in fundraising activities or interior facilities.

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