International Sales Offices

How can we be of service?

Ordering online

It is of course possible to place your order in one of our online stores directly. All of our prices are listed with VAT included. We have no minimum order quantities and when your order is complete, our order summary shows you the amount with and without VAT included. When you're placing your order, we provide you the necessary fields to give in data such as PO's or other reference numbers for your own administration.

Extra service for businesses and institutions

A large part of our customers is from the corporate, educational or institutional segment. Not only is our assortment largely specifically developed for business customers, but our no-nonense philosophy plays a big part in this as well. We know like no other that as a business customer, you have a need for basic, simple prizes (no hidden costs), fast deliveries and attractive discounts when ordering larger amounts. Luckily, this is exactly what we're good at.

As a business customer, you can also order through e-mail, fax or telephone. Our international sales department is happy to help by giving advice or inform you about live stock levels so that your order can be run as smoothly and fast as possible.

As a corporate, institutional or educational customer you can make use of the same online payment options as consumers. You can also choose to make use of a payment by invoice on a 14 day invoice period.

We're happy to make you a sharp offer!

As a business or institutional customer, your need for certain products is higher than other customers. You simply need more, and more varieties than most customers.

The bigger the quantity, the bigger the discount

We distinguish ourselves from our competitors through our no-nonsense philosophy. The more you order, the bigger your discount. It doesn't matter whether the products are the same, or complementary. We think it's fair for you to receive something rewarding back, when giving us a nice order.

Custom production

Almost all products can be 100% custom made for you. These custom adaptations can vary from simple logo prints or colours up to complete product designs. Since we're the producer of almost all products we sell, the options for custom production we offer are unmatched. Contact our sales department for an insight on all the possibilities.

Someone else already gave you a sharp offer? We want to match it.

For any price inquiry, please contact our sales department. We'll provide you a tailor-made quote within the same day. We're also happy to help you and advise for your specific situation. Please don't hesitate to ask for an offer or discount when thinking about ordering larger quantities. You received a quote from your competitor, giving you a bigger discount? Please inform us so we can adjust our own offer. Our service and our prices are our top concerns.


For bigger customers with more complex demands in the area of buyer-supplier integration, our IT department also offers possibilities to integrate this specific part of the supply chain through a combined e-procurement solution. This semi-integrated administration of supplies offers a huge simplification of the process, which is of enormous practical importance to larger customers. Please inquire for possibilities at our sales department.

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